Here, you can view sample lessons plans to help you get started on your journey with FLES. Your lesson plans don’t have to strictly follow this structure, but these are ideas of how you could conduct your class.  Feel free to use your creativity and expand your teaching horizons! Remember to keep some sort of consistency throughout your lessons; how you choose to do so is completely up to you!

Begin with a warm up activity. It’s important to make sure you have some sort of warm up activity at the beginning of class to set a fun tone and make your students feel comfortable and more likely to take risks with languages. Warm ups also serve to indicate that spanish time is beginning.

La ropa y los colores

1) Hello Song

2) Warm-up: review of body parts

  • Read “De la cabeza a los pies” by Eric Carle; Objective: passive review, listening, and literacy
  • Play Simón dice; Objective: passive review and movement
  • Use the Natural Approach; Objective: active review and language production

3) New Material – Clothing
a) Setting up the Song:

  • First: show a picture of a lobo, un bosque, niños;
  • Then: pantomime that the children are afraid of the lobo and want to play in the bosque
  • Then: show some clothing (whatever it is that the lobo is going to be putting on); pantomime this.
  • Canción: Lobo, ¿dónde estás? Sing and act out. Do a few times so the children can sing the chorus of the song.

b) Activity:
Have the children draw a lobo with clothing. Label the clothing. Maybe he want to wear “pantalones” on “las orejas”. (This is a good opportunity to review body parts.)

4) Good-bye Song.



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